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 Transform the health & performance of people

How On Target Living Helps

ORGANIZATIONS | Your people are #1, their health is their #1. We create an experience that engages your people to REST | EAT | MOVE allowing them to expand their capacity.

INDIVIDUALS | On Target Living is not a diet or a short-term fix- it is a lifestyle for building a healthy mind and body. Our seminars, retreats, books, products, and content are centered on our Small Steps To Healthy Living approach-this allows you to create a sustainable plan that works.

Core Values

Meet The Team

Chris Johnson


Matt Johnson


Kristen Brogan

Registered Dietitian

Mark Pawlowski

E-Commerce Manager


Chief Operating Officer

Dawn Miller

Manager of Client Experience

Tab Jackson

Executive Health &
Performance Coach

Steven Glynn

Creative Director

Lauren Brumbach

Digital Creative Specialist

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