Alaskan Cod Liver Oil-120 Softgels


Wild Harvested Alaskan Cod Liver Oil

Soft Gels


95% of the US. population is deficient in Omega-3 Fatty Acids. What if we made cod liver oil a morning habit just like drinking coffee?



 MADE IN THE USA- It starts with wild, line caught cod from the Bering Sea, Alaska. These fish are 100% sustainable, certified by the Alaskan Marine Stewardship Council. Within 20 minutes the cod are flash frozen at -35C and transported back to Dutch Harbor, Alaska. This special process stops the fish from oxidizing & spoiling.

NATURALLY OCCURRING VITAMIN, A & D- Because of the flash freezing & special processing, our Cod Liver Oil delivers the highest natural levels of Vitamin A & D. Other fish oils blend different oils and synthetic vitamins together to create a product that looks good but isn't natural. (1 TBSP= 540 IU Vitamin D.

 RICH IN ANTI-INFLAMMATORY OMEGA 3'S- DHA for Brain & Eye Health, Memory & Mood. EPA for Healthy Cardiac and Circulatory Systems. DPA to help the body respond to inflammation and influence cellular repair. Most fish oil have some level of EPA & DHA, but almost none have DPA for a simple reason: it's easily destroyed from oxidation after the fish is caught. DPA matters because it's a 'Pro-Resolving Mediator (PRMs).' These PRMs help your body determine how it responds to inflammation and enhances the anti-inflammatory.

REAL ORGANIC LEMON TASTE in a Gel Capsule- Skip the Natural & Artificial Flavors. You'll love our CLO Soft Gels because it is made with fish gelatin and organic lemon. No strange odor, aftertaste, or fish burps.

QUALITY TESTED- The oil is extracted and tested for over 450 environmental toxins. Our Cod Liver Oil is free from microbes, heavy metals, dioxins, and PCBs. MSC Certified, Non- GMO project Certified, Sustainable Fishing Practices, Environmentally Friendly Production in Triglyceride form.

DPA 'Pro-Resolving Mediator (PRMs)- to help the body determine how it responds to inflammation and enhances the anti-inflammatory power of the omega 3's. It also influences cellular repair and helps build the immune system.


Best tasing fish oil in the world. Rave reviews all around-people are loving it!

Researched, tested and used by OTL

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Barbara St. Jean
Have Cod Liver Oil, will travel…. 🙂

Love the ability to travel with my Cod Liver Oil! Just completed a 10 day trip; never missed a day!

Robert Luken
Cod Liver Oil Gels

I purchased as an alternative to the liquid cod liver oil. I prefer the liquid. However, the gels offer a better way to take when traveling.

Loren Bodendieck
Current order

I'm still waiting to hear why my last order was more expensive than all of my previous orders.

Michael Halbert
This is the real deal!

I was at local store looking at Cod Liver oil, reading the ingredients. One thing I kept seeing was a variety or fish sourced from different places and Natural flavor which we all know, nothing natural in that. I did some research and came across OTL. Between the ingredients and how they make it, I was sold. OTL truly has a passion for creating real, quality products, that our safe to consume. Love that they have all this information and knowledge that they offer for free, love the podcast, love the honesty and transparency. OTL is the real deal!

Jonathan Bechtel
Great way to take fish oil!

No nasty after taste and no gross burps!

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