The Secret to Success Starts With How You Rest, Eat, and Move

When your morning consists of skipping breakfast, wolfing down junk food, and trying to “make up for it” with a workout, it likely means your health habits are out of whack. Join Chris Johnson on a recent podcast, Pocket Sized Pep Talks, on how success starts with how we rest, eat, and move.

Growing up, Chris learned firsthand the link between lifestyle habits, energy levels, and performance. His book “Rest. Eat. Move.” shares the framework he’s refined with top leaders and executives for optimizing health and productivity.

On the podcast, Chris boils down his learnings into three simple yet profound points:

Rest: Your mindset and stress levels directly impact your physical health. Techniques like mindfulness, nature immersion, and strong relationships are key. As Chris explains, “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

Eat: Make nutrition a priority, not an afterthought. Focus on whole, unprocessed foods in proper portions to fuel your body optimally. Chris emphasizes eating foods that “look alive.”

Move: Incorporate both structured exercise and regular movement into your day. Moving your body frequently prevents stagnation, boosts energy, and stimulates creativity.

On this guest episode, Chris stresses that knowledge alone isn’t enough - we must turn what we learn into daily habits. His role models implement small, sustainable changes over time until they become automatic. For instance, successful entrepreneurs build in time for rejuvenating activities like family meals, vacations, and yoga.

To avoid decision fatigue, Chris suggests designing weekly meal plans with mostly whole foods and scheduling exercise times. He also highlights fun movement “snacks” like dancing while cooking or swimming laps on vacation.

In the end, Chris encourages replacing the mindset of denial with one of celebration and abundance. Take time to appreciate all the blessings in your life. Your mental outlook fuels the physical actions that create true success.

To learn more of Chris’s insights on living and leading with purpose, be sure to check out “Rest. Eat. Move.”, tune in weekly on the Rest, Eat, Move podcast, and follow On Target Living on social media for daily inspiration.

Check out the guest podcast episode on Apple Podcasts HERE or Pocket Sized Pep Talks HERE.

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