21-Steps to Healthy Living

"To know and not to do is really not to know"

Can you think of a topic that is more saturated with information than personal health?  Information can be truly powerful, it can give us insight and the reference to achieve great things. But what happens when there is too much information and not enough education? Look at our health outcomes!

The key word is: INFORMATION...information does not educate, it only informs you, e.g., Google or Facebook. 

As one of the leading authorities in small steps to healthy living, we know that it is impossible to have great health without great habits. To develop great habits you must be educated. We believe education is the missing link to our health. Education is the partnership between teacher and student to empower and transform.

Our OTL SYSTEM, is our flagship training program. We have educated thousands of people using this methodology and now we have created it in a virtual setting.

8 Reasons to take the SYSTEM

  1. Learn to build sustainable habits
  2. Get a better night's sleep
  3. Lose weight and keep it off
  4. Have optimal energy
  5. Improve fitness
  6. Get motivated
  7. Knowing your numbers & improving your numbers
  8. Community: Join the OTL community

On Target Living Experience 

We have spent the last 35 years developing the On Target Living methodology and now we have a 21-Step video course that engages & educates you to take the actions to better health.

-On Target Living Team

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