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Discover The Power of Feeling Your Best. In Chris Johnson's new book, you will be guided through the journey of better health and listening to your body. 

Through the three pillars of health REST, EAT, and MOVE, he takes you step-by-step toward better overall health. 

You’ll learn how to: 
- Reduce Stress 
- Age gracefully 
- Navigate your health 
- Take small steps to build new healthy habits 
- Create a sustainable diet you love 
- Learn how to move your body and enjoy it 
  and more!

Through a combination of scientific research, real-life cases and uniquely human stories, REST EAT MOVE gives readers in-depth information about how the body works and relatable stories bringing us all together along this challenging journey.

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Customer Reviews

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I suffer from chronic tendinitis between my glute and hamstring in the right leg. Have done different modalities of PT for three years now. One PT put me on the path to a functional medicine doctor and I found a yoga therapist as well. During my current journey with these professionals I found the Rest Eat Move podcast and then listened to the audio book. As with all podcasts I listen with objectivity and concern that the podcast authors are just trying to sell something. BUT once I got to the end I purchased four copies of the book and shared with some relatives. I also shared it with my husband who is a hospital board member. A lot of what Chris promotes in the book falls inline with what I'm doing with the Yoga therapy and functional medicine. I agree this book should be used in schools, but more so every health care professional and hospital board should read it as well. I'm still on my journey to heal my tendonitis. But ANY person can "start" following the practices. I like how Chris emphasizes to just start and how our health now days has gotten to so many problems. I'm listening to the book a second time as I physically read it too. I pray between my faith, this book, and my current medical care givers; I can finally end the tendonitis journey. But there is not doubt I will follow many of the practices from this book the rest of my life no matter what!!!!

Fantastic resource for health!

All schools should use this book REST EAT MOVE as a resource for teaching health.

Every doctor should recommend this book to their patients.

There is so much to learn but it is understandable and doable! Chris’ enthusiasm for health and life is very motivating. I feel so much better, happier having applied (working on it!) what he has taught regarding quality food, hydration, breathing, sleep & movement. I want to buy many copies of this book to pass on to friends and family. Thank you so much!

God’s blessings on you and your family!

David Chinsky
Achieving a More Vibrant Life, One Step at a Time

Chris Johnson has done it again. His pioneering approach to helping people feel their best, one step at a time, is wonderfully documented in his new book, REST EAT MOVE. Drawing upon his own early life experiences peddling junk food, Chris provides one of the most comprehensive volumes on what it takes to achieve personal health and vitality. REST EAT MOVE is an indispensable guide to healthy living, and I strongly recommend it as a resource for anyone ready for feeling their best.

Life Changing Fantastic Book to Improve Your Health!

If you want to change your life for the better & live a longer healthier life, this book is for you. REST EAT MOVE provides practical hand-on education, advice and tips on how to rest better, eat healthier, and exercise for your mind and body. I have followed Chris Johnson and his company, On Target Living, for over 8yrs learning how to REST, EAT, MOVE and take care of my body. This book is amazing, 370 pages sharing 30yrs of a man’s life work to change the world’s health one person at a time. I have read all 5 of Chris books and this is the best one. In this book, Chris teaches you how to live a healthier life by taking care of yourself mentally, physically, nutritionally. The book has fantastic pictures of stretches and poses I do daily. I have had personal coaching with Chris and credit him with improving my health and life. Chris cares about people deeply and the world is blessed to have someone like him who wants to help people live a better life. Since working with Chris, I rarely get sick, taking his superfoods recommendations, exercising daily, and focusing on rest daily. This book is an amazing value, where else can you get educated on improving your health for $25 that will save you $ in medical costs. I highly recommend this book. I have sent copies to family, friends and clients. Buy this book, you won’t regret it. If you have any doubt of its value, don’t, it’s worth its weight in gold. Enjoy! and as Chris says “Health & Happiness”

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