Why On Target Living Essentials?

Over the years I have done over 18,000 hours of one-on-one private training and have worked side by side with some of the top health professionals and physicians in the industry. What I learned from this experience is that so many people struggle with poor nutritional habits, nutrient deficiencies and confusion around what and how to eat. I felt it was time to share my thoughts and knowledge with the world and what it takes to feel and be your best.

In 2006, I founded On Target Living and in 2008 I began speaking full-time around the world, helping organizations improve their human potential.

Quickly into my new career realized there was a disconnect from the seminar or training, to the purchasing of food, whether it was from a grocery store or online. 

  • First, most people were so confused on what to buy to make them healthier—multi-vitamins, protein powders, pills and potions, a never-ending number of products with so many hollow promises.
  • Second, so many health food products were made with poor low quality ingredients. I kept hearing the same message from my clients—why don’t you have your own product line to make it easier for everyone to become healthier?

After speaking to thousands of people around the world, I started to identify what essential nutrients most people were missing which became a common pattern. Most individuals were missing omega 3 fats, chlorophyll, minerals, and magnesium rich foods. This deficiency was leading to various health problems including cholesterol/hormonal imbalances, acid-reflux, gout, inflammation, poor sleep, auto-immune issues, allergies, high blood pressure, mental health issues, weight gain and the list goes on.

Our team began sourcing the best quality superfoods we could get our hands-on including cod liver oil, spirulina/chlorella, wheatgrass, cacao nibs, hemp seeds, flaxseeds, chia seeds and coconut oil. We realized along the way that there was a gap between what consumers needed and what manufacturers actually made. We wanted to offer products that met all standards and provided our customers with the essential nutrients needed to overcome their various health issues. We also wanted to have products that matched our level of quality from a nutrition and customer service standpoint. Most importantly, we wanted the shopping experience to be easy to execute and affordable to all. This led us to develop On Target Living Essentials. A brand you can love and trust—and located in one convenient location here.

The map below showcases where we source our high- quality superfoods we call On Target Living Essentials.  Our cod liver oil comes from Dutch Harbor, Alaska where the cods are line caught and contain more vitamin D than any other fish oil on the market. Our spirulina/chlorella comes from Taiwan where it is grown in a controlled fresh water tank and loaded in chlorophyll and immune boosting nucleic acids. Our wheatgrass is sourced from Canada where it’s unpasteurized and grown deep within mineral rich soil. Nothing in this world is created equal, especially superfoods. #knowthesource


Wishing You Health & Happiness, 

Chris Johnson

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