The Secrets to Lasting Change: Part 2

Ever set a well-intentioned New Year's resolution only to abandon it by February?

You're not alone.

Sticking to big, bold life changes is freaking hard. Our brains love routine - even when it's not so healthy. They'll fight ruthlessly to stay in our comfy status quo.

But giving up in a flurry of frustration keeps us stuck. The path to better health doesn't have to be paved in perfection. It just takes small, sustainable steps forward.

In part 1, we explored why change is so dang hard. Now, in part 2, we'll unlock science-backed strategies to make new habits stick for the long haul.

Follow along as we dig into:

  • Ways to motivate yourself on a biological level
  • How to engineer an environment primed for success
  • Tricks to build habits that automatically sustain
  • The power of accountability partners and feedback

You ready to crush those resolutions once and for all? Let's do this!

We all have big dreams for our best lives. But the key is having the tools and tenacity to turn those dreams to reality, one baby step at a time.

Join me as we learn how to put science into practice to create healthy routines that endure. Your future fit and healthy self will thank you!

Section 1: Cultivate Self-Awareness

The first step to change is taking an honest look inward. Grabwell Grommet's tragic fate shows what happens when we lack self-awareness. Do a personal inventory:

- How's your sleep, energy, and mood on a scale of 1-10?
- What are your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels?
- How much water and produce do you consume daily?
- How often do you move your body or manage stress?

Don't have the answers? That reveals your blind spots! Start tracking these metrics consistently. Self-knowledge lights the path to positive change.

A powerful place to start is with our Decoding Your Health training inside our app, there you'll find helpful guides on how you can track and monitor the most important metrics for your health.

Section 2: Envision Your Goals

Now let's get clear on your vision. Using all your senses, imagine your ideal future self:

- What does your healthy body look and feel like?
- How do you want to improve your energy, strength, mood?
- What activities do you want to do that you can't do now?

Take a few minutes, write down every detail of this future you. Let this vivid picture drive your Why and remind you to stay the course when challenges arise.

Having a clear picture of life you want to build is key to getting there!

Section 3: Power Up Your Why

Connecting to purpose gives you rocket fuel for change. Think beyond just you.

- How will better health allow you to show up for others - your family, community, the world?
- What legacy do you want to leave behind?

When your Why is bigger than you, it pulls you through when willpower wanes.

Write this down and revisit it often!

Section 4: Take One Step at a Time

Don't overwhelm yourself trying to do everything at once. Stay the path with small, manageable steps:

- What 1 new habit can you tackle first - 5 minute walks, cutting soda, trying a veggie at dinner?
- How will you build in reminders and accountability like apps or telling a friend?
- When will this habit fit naturally into your routine so it sticks?

Mastery takes practice. Be patient and focused as you cement each new habit before taking on the next.

Section 5: Use Feedback to Stay on Track

Measure progress consistently to stay motivated:

- Weigh yourself weekly, record blood pressure, get annual physicals.
- Assess your energy, sleep quality, cravings.
- Notice how your clothes fit, endurance, attitude shift.

Let feedback guide you. If progress stalls, use it to adjust. Revel in wins along the way. You've got this!

All this talk of lasting change has got you fired up, right? But the real work happens when motivation meets action.

Lucky for you, the perfect program to kickstart healthy habits is right around the corner - our 21 Day Eat Challenge!

Starting January 1st, join our community for 3 weeks of:

  • Simple, delicious recipes to nourish your body
  • Expert coaching tips to build sustainable routines
  • An encouraging support group to keep you on track

Leave the guesswork and frustration behind. Tap into proven strategies from wellness professionals who will guide your journey with care.

Whether your goal is weight loss, more energy, better sleep or just developing a healthier relationship with food - the 21 Day Eat Challenge will set you up for success.

All those resolutions you set? This is the year you actually stick to them!

Commit to yourself and join the Challenge starting January 1st. Your future fitter, happier self is counting on you! p

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