Workshops range from 60-90 minutes and can be tailored to meet your needs and group size

Delicious Workshop

Interested in living a healthy lifestyle where you don’t have to give up the things that you love? Want to live healthy and still have a social life? Join Kristen Johnson Brogan, registered dietitian, superfood chef, and author of Target To Table: Healthy & Delicious Meals One Superfood at a Time, as she shares the secret to living a lifestyle where health and happiness feel effortless. In this demo, Kristen will give simple tips for making your traditional dishes healthier and more flavorful. Mindful eating guide and delicious samples included.

Cooking workshops can be done via demonstration-style, hands on instruction format, or a mixture of both. Menus can range from one to five courses with a beverage. In this interactive cooking workshop, participants will learn:

  • How to read a food label
  • What foods to buy organic
  • How to upgrade your food pantry
  • What are the best oils/fats to use in cooking and/or baking
  • How to improve pH and digestion
  • How to add superfoods to your plate
  • How to make healthier food/ingredient substitutions
  • How to make healthy food taste delicious
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In Home Culinary Experience

Michelin stars, a curated wine list, an attentive staff — these things matter. But often, the most memorable dining experiences don’t occur at a restaurant. The things that stand out, the spontaneous moments, intimate conversations, and authentic connections, happen around your own table.

From shopping and cooking to setup and cleanup, your private chef, Kristen will orchestrate a special dinner, reflecting local and organic ingredients and seasonality. Kristen will take care of everything, so you can entertain effortlessly. Depending on your style, Kristen can provide a casual family-style meal or a more formal plated service.

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Corporate/Team Building Workshops

Everything in this world starts with food—it’s social, provides connection, allows us to form meaningful relationships, and is our number one source of energy. There is no better way to bring people together than through shared meals and conversation.

This team building event is sure to bring delicious fun and lots of laughs. Participants will also leave with tools for living a healthy life that is simple and easy.   

  • Smoothie Blend Off
  • Breakfast 3- Ways
  • Chili Cook-Off
  • Superfood Show-Down
  • How-To/Cooking 101


Join Certified RYT Yoga Instructor, Kristen Brogan as she takes you through a dynamic yoga routine that improves alignment, balance, strength, flexibility and overall fitness. Kristen will help you to incorporate breathing and mindfulness into your fitness practice, allowing you to be more present in the moment for an efficient and result-driven outcome. No equipment required—just bring your own body (BYOB).   


Yoga & Mindful Eating Workshop

Join Kristen Brogan, RYT Certified Yoga Instructor, Registered Dietitian & Wellness expert as she takes you through a mind and body experience like no other.  This flow and food themed class will teach you to use mindful movement and mindful eating to build your best self.

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Mindful & Restorative Movement

In this restorative session, Kristen will show you the best movements and practices for rejuvenation and better health.  Kristen will teach you how to improve posture using the foam roll while showing you how to use the diaphragm to breathe more effectively for reducing stress and improving sleep. 

Kristen will also teach you meditation strategies for reducing stress and improving performance along with how essential oils can help you to heal and energize your mind and spirit.  If you would like to improve your balance and flexibility or suffer from pain in your back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee, or any other muscle/skeletal discomfort, this restorative movement session is for you. 


Get Your Move On

Join Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert, Kristen Brogan for a full body workout that improves your alignment, balance, flexibility, strength and overall fitness. If you are new to exercise or a seasoned veteran join in and learn how you can take your fitness to the next level! This one-hour fun and action packed session will provide you with efficient effective ways to move your body. Pump up music included!


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"Create an environment for growth to thrive."