What You Receive

Wheatgrass will be delivered in a large styrofoam container. Place entire container in freezer immediately upon arrival.

Preparation time is about 30 minutes. Assembled wheatgrass juice can sit up to 20 minutes prior to consumption.

Preparation Steps

Step One

Open container and remove 1 package

Step Two

Twist package and pull apart

Step Three

Add to blender with water

Step Four

Blend on high for 10 seconds

Step Five

Pour mixture into serving cups

Preparation 1 of 5

Get one package

When ready to serve, open container and remove one package (one sheet) of frozen wheatgrass ice cubes.


Preparation 2 of 5

Separate Cubes

Twist package and pull apart to separate cubes. To open, use scissors to cut off top of package.


Preparation 3 of 5

Add to Blender

Add entire package of wheatgrass ice cubes to a blender. Fill blender with 40 ounces of water.


Preparation 4 of 5

Blend for 10 Seconds

Blend on high for 10 seconds or until wheatgrass mixture is completely blended.


Preparation 5 of 5

Pour into serving cups

Pour 2 ounces of blended wheatgrass mixture into serving cups. Each package/sheet of wheatgrass makes 20 servings.

    • 1 wheatgrass package/sheet contains 20 ice cubes
  • 20 ice cubes + 40 ounces of water = 20 (2 ounce) wheatgrass juice servings
  • 100 fl oz. container (10 packages/sheets) of wheatgrass makes 200 servings