What if everything you knew about health, weight loss, sickness, and medications wasn't the whole story?

Every day there are new studies, reports, articles, and television talk shows promising the truth about health, aging, and weight loss.

And yet, medications are on the rise, more people than ever struggle with being overweight, and chronic illnesses are rising.


No one is getting younger, but everyone can get healthier.


What's possible in your life?

If you want to change your life, you need to change your beliefs about what's possible.

Start with reality: Are you really ok? Do you feel your best? How's your current lifestyle working out?

Look in the metaphorical (and actual) mirror...do you like what you see and how you feel?

Here's the good news: it doesn't matter where you're s

tarting from (good health or bad health), it only matters where you want to go.
The most important thing to transforming your life is believing it's possible in the first place.

Chris Johnson, On Target Living, and the thousands of success stories from people just like you are proof it's possible to make big changes from tiny steps.


The Johnson's, America's First Family of Health, Live Life On Target


The best solution is the one you can stick to for life.

Pills, fad diets, boring meal plans, crazy workouts...all of these things can produce results but it's possible to live it long term.

The secret to transformation is K.I.S.S: Keep It Simple & Sustainable

Let's get real...it's normal to want a quick, easy solution and one you can stick with.


Transformation comes from acting on good information.

Think about it...let's say you were taking a trip. If you have bad directions, you will get lost. On the other hand, the perfect map won't help if you don't walk out the front door.

The big problem is having a great plan AND taking consistent action to get there.

The solution is finding a system that makes it easy to know where you are, where you need to go, and gives you the best possible path to get there.


Habits are the secret to building a healthy lifestyle


Habits are either your best friend or your worst enemy

Do you know how to make new helpful health habits? Have you successfully broken bad habits before?

The secret to a lifelong lifestyle filled with happiness and health is mastering habits.

Willpower and discipline won't get you far without understanding how habits work: how to make'em, break'em and pick the right ones for you.


Everything you need to feel your best everyday.


At it's heart, The System is 21 transformational lessons designed to help you create a new lifestyle.

These audio lessons are taught by Chris, Matt, and Kristen Johnson.

Every lesson is designed to do one thing: move you towards a life filled with overflowing health.

If you've ever struggled with conflicting information, wondering what steps to take, or confused about how your body works then The SYSTEM will help.

You can move at your own pace through the 21 steps, pause, rewind, or review lessons to really get it or skip ahead to a section you want to dive into...the choice is yours!

21 steps to upgrade your health


Besides the 21 transformational audio lessons and your SYSTEM workbook you'll also get a bunch of other cool bonuses!

Every SYSTEM order also comes with the bestselling book by Chris Johnson On Target Living: Your Guide to a Life of Balance, Energy, and Vitality ($22)

You'll also get the Target To Table Cookbook ($24.95) which has easy to use recipes with delicious, nutritious, and fun foods to make you and your family feel fantastic.

Additionally we'll send you a Food Target + Movement guide to make your shopping easy and your workbooks fun ($5).

Plus you will be automatically enrolled into our yellow zone loyalty tier (normally achieved by spending $500 in a calendar year). You can learn more about our loyalty program by CLICKING HERE

* The books are included with the SYSTEM regardless if you have them or not. If you already have both books...pay them forward, give them as a gift to someone who could use it!




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What's possible for you?


From 204 to 166...I have so much energy! And no more cholesterol, thyroid or allergy medications!

In January 2010 I made the typical New Year’s resolution and decided I was going to lose 20 pounds in 6 months.

At 5’10” and 204 pounds, I was at the heaviest I had ever been, doing little or nothing to change my current situation, and I was scared.

After spending a few days with Chris, everything he said made perfect sense. I finally had a “real” plan and I dove right into it!

I went home and immediately began adding the recommended Super Foods into my diet, stopped drinking soda, began reading labels closely, and cut out most of the junk food. I picked up my exercise game as well.

I ended up completing a total of 5 triathlons by the time I was 60. (All podium finishes)

I am down to 166! It’s tough to describe how much better I feel. I have so much energy during the day compared to 3 years ago. I sleep better, and no longer require cholesterol, thyroid or allergy medications.

- Jeffery Sweers, 60


Lost 30 lbs over 3 months, two years later still going strong!

On Target Living has made profound changes to my life.

After listening to Chris, I started eating smaller and healthier meals, more frequently, throughout the day.

I noticed my energy level was higher and I didn’t go into a food coma two hours after a large lunch!

I felt better, slept better and after two months of eating healthier, started dropping the extra weight.

Over the next few months, I lost thirty pounds.

Two years later, I am still going strong!

I continue to upgrade my diet and exercise regimen. I have not given up ANYTHING that I like to eat or drink.

I’m not going to lie, the changes to my diet took a while to adjust to, but not only do I LOVE what I eat, I do not feel like I am sacrificing.

I have just learned to really enjoy eating some new things that are healthier. I am also teaching my children to eat healthier.

The outcome: more energy, better sleep, and at age 43 I have the same waist size I had in college.

I feel so blessed to have learned how to take care of myself before it is too late. Chris Johnson and the On Target Living program have had quite an impact on my life.

- John Schmitt, 43


Using The SYSTEM she dropped almost 20 more pounds!

Being in the health field I can tell you I totally support Chris Johnson's food target.

He suggests a diet that revolves around keeping your cells healthy by eating more alkaline foods. Seriously, this guy knows what he's talking about.

My sister did the weight loss challenge, she lost about 15 pounds on her own by eating very healthy, smaller proportions, and exercising a TON!

Her goal was to lose about 30 pounds.

But no matter how hard she worked (and she was busting tail, we're talking 2+ hours in the gym, several days a week) our or how many calories she cut, she couldn't lose those last 15.

She listened to Chris Johnson and started using The SYSTEM and she dropped almost 20 more pounds!

She's a big fan of Chris Johnson and she's actually the person who told me about him. He really has great info and I highly recommend checking out his SYSTEM! Wow, I sound like an infomercial...but really he is that good.

- Susan Kubicek


  • Typically, the biggest complaint we hear from people struggling with weight loss is NO MORE DIETS!!

    Diets don't work. Long lasting lifestyle changes are the only non-surgical solution for lasting weight loss.

    The system will give you the foundational knowledge missing from most mainstream diets.

    You'll discover how the principles of health are more important than the tactics used to lose weight.

    The SYSTEM can point you in the right direction, give you the tools, and provide a sustainable framework to shape your desired lifestyle.

    Ultimately, you are the only one truly responsible for your health and we can't predict or promise you'll experience any result...but if you purchase the SYSTEM, go through it, and use it without positive changes we'll gladly refund you.

  • The system is designed to do four primary things:

    1. Help you understand the true principles to have lasting health, happiness, and vitality.

    2. Show you how to make small, incremental changes in your life and build new habits.

    3. Get engaged and focused on your BIG WHY to fuel motivation.

    4. Provide you with real life examples on how to make it easy and simple to upgrade the REST, EAT and MOVE in your life.

    The SYSTEM does not include individual meal plans, although it does have examples on how to structure your day and week around food.

  • The market is saturated with good speakers who can deliver a solid client event.

    Generals, politicians, former sport stars, and other subject matter experts are easy to find and book.

    In every case you are purchasing an hour or two of their time.

    That's it.

    Which is why we are different.

    We help you on the front end with marketing, we help you prep your FAs, we rock your clients world, and finally give FAs a follow through system to make meaningful contact with prospects.

    The client captivation program is the only turnkey solution designed to make an investment in a client event deliver profitable ROI.

  • Based on the science behind selling it's well established that sustained follow up is a key differentiator for top performers.

    Different studies carried out at different times, in different places, by different market research companies over a number of years reveal that 80% of non-routine sales occur only after at least five follow-ups.

    Think about that. It takes at least five continuous follow up efforts after the initial sales contact, before a customer says yes.


    There are some fascinating statistics on this:

    44% of sales people give up after one "no"
    22% give up after two "nos"
    14% give up after three "nos"
    12% give up after four "nos"

    That tells you that 92% of sales people give up after four "no's", and only 8% cent of sales people reach out a fifth time.

    When you consider that 80% of prospects say "no" four times before they say "yes", the inference is that 8% of sales people are getting 80% of the sales.

Our 9.0 Promise

At On Target Living we believe in delivering on our promises and providing overwhelming value for our services.

Which is why we can confidently offer your our "9.0 Promise" to sponsoring Firms and Wholesalers.

If we fail to deliver anything other than a 9 or above at your live event we will return 50% of our program fee.

You'll still have access to our follow through system, FA support and will have benefited from all the initial work.

But if we fail to rock the event and create a memorable experience for your attendees that truly distinguishes you and the FA in their mind then we'll give you half your investment back.