Not only does this book contain a ton of healthy and delicious recipes but it also includes principles to get you from the shopping cart to the plate. Principles include a basic 101 education on nutrition, digestion, how to read a food label, when to buy organic, what cooking oils to use, and more.


Kristen and Matt Johnson wrote this book as a way to get people to take small steps
in the kitchen to develop lifelong, healthy eating habits.

What’s Inside ?

A guide to getting the target to your table


Matt Johnson

President at On Target Living

Matt Johnson is a dynamic speaker and health expert who is passionate about teaching the “3 Pillars” to better health: REST EAT MOVE. He gives his audience the tools to develop healthy eating habits, incorporate exercise into daily routines, and prioritize rest and rejuvenation. As the son of On Target Living founder Chris Johnson, he also serves as the President where he implements and designs wellness programs to help companies improve performance.


Kristen Johnson

Registered Dietitian at On Target Living

Kristen Johnson is a graduate of Western Michigan University with bachelor degrees in Dietetics and Exercise Science. She has been a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor since her college years, helping individuals achieve their fitness goals along with a healthy lifestyle. From a young age, Kristen was weaned on flaxseeds, cod liver oil, and many other freakishly healthy foods but was also taught how to prepare delicious and healthy meals.


Wendy Kottke
I was confident Matt’s speaking topic would connect with our attendees, but I had no idea we would see the overwhelming positive response he generated from the group. His presentation was energetic, engaging, and quite motivating!”

Brian Kelly
“I had the pleasure of working with Kristen Johnson on multiple occasions as part of a healthier lifestyle program. She in not only enthusiastic about nutrition and wellness, but her engaging personality really connected with our audience.”