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Our top 2 superfoods in one easy to order package. Naturally Boost Omega 3's, Vitamin D & Vitamin A With Pure & Potent Wild Harvested Alaskan Cod Liver Oil  The Perfect Superfood Tablet to Boost Immune Strength, Amplify Energy, & Aid Detoxification



It starts with wild, line caught cod from the Bering Sea in Alaska. These fish are 100% sustainable, certified by the Alaskan Marine Stewardship Council. From pristine waters, the cod are caught and within 20 minutes are flash frozen to -30C below for transport back to Dutch Harbor. This special process stops the fish from oxidizing & spoiling.

Next the cod are processed at a state of the art, pharmaceutical grade plant in Dutch Harbor Alaska. The oil is extracted and tested for over 450 environmental toxins. Our Cod Liver Oil (CLO) is free from microbes, heavy metals, dioxins, and PCBs. 

Because of the flash freezing & special processing, our Cod Liver Oil delivers the highest natural levels of Vitamin A & D. Other fish oils blend different oils and artificial vitamins together to create a product that looks good but isn't that great for your cellular health.

Our Cod Liver Oil only contains two ingredients: Cod Liver Oil & Organic Lemon. But what makes our oil truly unique, are the powerful Omega 3's in every serving: You get of EPA, DHA, and DPA. 

Everyone has heard of EPA & DHA because they lower inflammation in the body. But most people haven't heard of DPA before because other fish oils don't have DPA for a simple reason: it's easily destroyed from oxidation after the fish is caught.

DPA matters because it's a 'Pro-Resolving Mediator (PRMs).' These PRMs help your body determine how it responds to inflammation and enhances the anti-inflammatory power of the omega 3's.

OTL Source, Cell, and PH Approved. Plus, no fish burps or weird aftertaste. Clean, pure, & so tasty it's 'kid-approved'.



Minimal processing means our CLO is easily absorbed and used by your body. The high bioavailability allows your cells to get the full effects of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and the Omega-3's (DHA, EPA, DPA). One of the biggest reasons why people take our Cod Liver Oil is to help combat inflammation. Acute inflammation is part of the body's protective response to injuries, infections and other irritants, but long-term low grade inflammation puts you at risk of serious conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

Our Cod Liver Oil, with a perfect Omega-3 profile and Pro-Resolving Mediators, has amazing potential to lower inflammation, aid brain health, and support gut function.

 You'll love our CLO because it only has 2 ingredients: Cod Liver Oil and Organic Lemon. It tastes clean, smooth, and goes down easy. No strange odor, aftertaste, or fish burps.

For best results, take daily. One bottle supplies you with 33 days of supply




100% sustainably harvested Cod Liver Oil using the longline method, flash frozen, and minimally processed.

The long line method of harvesting consists of laying out a ground line which has a baited hooks every 38 inches. The fishing gear is set and hauled for several hours and then is retrieved, pulling the fishing line and its catch to the surface, one fish at a time. 

This method of fishing has a very low impact on the ocean environment and allows carefully targeting of specific species of catch and limit the amount of by-catch. The fish is brought on board the vessels where it is processed and frozen to -30 C in under a half hour. Catching one fish at a time produces a very high quality product.

The Alaskan cod stocks are an abundant resource that are heavily regulated and monitored and certified as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.

After analysis and research, it was learned that our Alaska cod liver oil has exceptionally high nutritional values and was not being commercially produced anywhere in North America. 

Our objective is to provide a premium omega-3 cod liver oil from the Alaska cod that contains the full spectrum of health promoting nutrients found in minimally processed cod liver oil. Alaska cod (Gadus macrocephalus) is a different species from Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua), which has varying levels of omega-3 and vitamins A and D. 

The Bering Sea is a bountiful pristine body of water and it has been found that what the cod fish eats influences the fatty acid levels and composition of the cod liver oil. Alaska cod has very low levels of organic pollutants and heavy metals and therefore does not require refinement that exposes the oil to conditions that reduce the spectrum of natural nutrients and vitamins A and D.

Alaskan cod is caught one at a time. The liver is extracted shortly after coming on board the vessel and flash frozen to -30 C, stabilizing the enzymatic degradation and locking in the freshness. The frozen liver is delivered to the  rendering facility strategically located in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. The livers are centrifuged and processed at low temperatures to preserve the sensitive full spectrum of nutrients and fatty acids. 

The oil is further refined to reduce any impurities and is Proposition 65 compliant. Our refining methods do not expose the oil to conditions that reduce the nutrients or vitamins. Our process retains the full spectrum of nutrients and Vitamins A and D delivering the natural health benefit of the oil to you.



Transparent sourcing. 100% sustainable harvesting. State of the art processing.

 See for yourself how the fish is caught and processed in Dutch Harbor Alaska. Unparallelled freshness creates a uniquely potent Cod Liver Oil with even more benefits than standard fish oils. You get the ideal ratio of DHA, EPA, and DPA (pre-resolving mediator) Omega-3's, plus abundant naturally occuring Vitamin A & D.




95% of the US. population is deficient in Omega-3 Fatty Acids. What if we made cod liver oil a morning habit just like drinking coffee? 

Let’s start to imagine a world where people felt happier, had better focus, got rid of joint pain, lowered inflammation, improved their sex drive and lost weight effortlessly? 

Yup! These are all of the many benefits of taking just one tablespoon of cod liver oil. What are you waiting for? Give it a try today!


Our unique formulation combines ultra-pure Spirulina and Chlorella to deliver incredible nutrients in a convenient, highly absorbable tablet.

Spirulina is a blue-green algae that provides a mind boggling assortment of nutrients including iron, folate, B12, GLA, probiotics, phytocyanin, beta carotene, and protein.

Chlorella is a green algae high in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is an amazing dark green nutrient that helps cleanze, detoxify, and energize our bodies. Chlorella is also especially high in nucleic acids (DNA/RNA) which supports the immune system and slows cellular aging.

OTL spirulina chlorella tablets contains only 2 ingredients: Spirulina, Chlorella

Our tablets are harvested from a state of the art fresh water facility in Taiwan with the most stringent purity & quality testing in the world. They contain no fillers, binders, and are completely free of impurities.

With this many benefits to our cellular function and overall health adding these into your diet is one of our top recommendations.

OTL Source, Cell, and PH approved. 


The health benefits these tablets deliver are incredible, here's 7 reasons why you'll love them:

#1 Alkaline: spirulina and chlorella are alkaline and help balance your body's pH. Most processed foods are highly acidic, by consuming more alkaline foods you build a healthier cell and a stronger immune system.

#2 Anti-inflammatory: reduces inflammation by inhibiting the production and release of histamine which ignites inflammatory response in the body.

#3 Detoxifying: highly effective at pulling heavy metals & radioactive substances from the body by acting as a chelating agent. The proteins and peptides inside spirulina/chlorella bind to these substances and help carry them out of the body.

#4 Cardiovascular Health: the unique amino acids support healthy levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, which can help protect the body from high blood pressure, heart attacks, and stroke.

#5 Boost Immunity: the powerful antioxidant content protects cells from damage and stimulates the immune system.

#6 Gut Health: spirulina and chlorella are a 'health food' for the beneficial bacteria in your guy. They also help keep harmful microbes under control.

#7 Plant Based Protein: rich vital amino acids and minerals provide a more complete source of protein than red meat and most other plant based protein. 




Source is everything when it comes to the quality of micro-algae. 

Our tablets are harvested in one of cleanest, toxin free environments in the world. Our Taiwan plant has been producing the highest quality spirulina and chlorella for over 60 years. It sets the gold standard for purity and product integrity.  



Spirulina & Chlorella are two of the most powerful superfoods on the planet.

There's two huge reasons we recommend these tabs: they boost the immune system & help your body detox.

Spirulina & Chlorella Infographic

Researched, tested and used by OTL

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