Before you hit the weights–start with posture and body alignment.  Having correct body alignment and posture while exercising is essential for injury prevention and optimal performance.  Ideal posture improves core strength and helps the muscles to fire correctly burning the most calories. Start by making the time spent moving count by improving the quality of everything you do.  

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Whatever movement you do, start with correct posture. To get into proper alignment, make sure your ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankles, are all aligned. 

Stick out your chest, slightly bend your knees, and engage your car. Focus on maintaining this posture with every movement you do whether it be bicep curls, shoulder press, elliptical, or walking. 

If doing squats, start by bringing your hips and glutes back, making sure your knees are not lunging past your toes. 

Posture Lesson with Chris & Matt Johnson