Every Agent and every agency wants more market share and more business.

On Target Living has two proven programs to uplevel performance and accelerate growth.

Client Captivation

Acquiring market share in 2017 is only getting harder.
Want to get the right prospects in the room and close the deal?
Say goodbye to one-and-done low ROI client events.

Capacity Program

In 2017 it’s possible for your leaders and teams to work smarter, harder, and more effectively.

We can help your team deliver the goods in 2017.


“Early in my career as I came up through the ranks, I learned that my industry was interested in one thing: the bottom line.

I knew there had to be a better way to get results.

Working too many hours, with little sleep or rejuvenation, poor eating habits, no time to exercise and a life without balance was not how I defined success in business or in life.

Over the past 10 years, Nationwide has invested heavily into OTL, and we have greatly improved our engagement scores, lowered turnover, increased profit and built a culture that delivers results with more life balance.”

– John Carter, Nationwide


“Chris Johnson made a significant impact on our top performers with his engaging and humorous presentation of what it takes to live a healthier lifestyle by moving more and eating well. He is clearly committed to a cause that has a lasting and positive impact on those he has the chance to work with. Getting Chris involved with our company was a huge win.”

-Bryan Jordan
President & CEO
First Tennessee


“Chris was engaging and educational, powerful in value of its information and in its simplicity. You brought home the point that we can all achieve our ultimate healthy lifestyle objectives, by establishing incremental targets that can be reached through application of knowledge and common sense. Feedback I received from board members, Blues executive leadership, and members of the health care provider community, echoes those same sentiments.”

Daniel J. Loepp