Financial advisors are expected to close more clients with less resources than ever before.

On Target Living created two proven programs to acquire more clients and accelerate performance

Client Captivation


Acquiring new key households in 2017 is only getting harder.

Want to get the right prospects in the room and close the deal?

Say goodbye to one-and-done low ROI client events..

Capacity Program

In 2017 it’s possible for your leaders and advisors to work smarter, harder, and more effectively

We can help your team deliver the goods in 2017.



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Brian Shambo 
FA Merrill Lynch

“Following our events, I had people calling , texting and emailing how great the event was and that On Target Living blew the doors off the place“.

– Brian Shambo, FA Merrill Lynch


Bryan Jordan
President & CEO
First Tennessee

“Chris Johnson made a significant impact on our top performers with his engaging and humorous presentation of what it takes to live a healthier lifestyle by moving more and eating well.

He is clearly committed to a cause that has a lasting and positive impact on those he has the chance to work with. Getting Chris involved with our company was a huge win.”


John Thiel
Head of Wealth Management
Merrill Lynch

“Chris Johnson’s goal in On Target Living is to put us on a path of discovery toward living our best lives.

That has certainly been the case for me.

If you’re often stressed, Chris’s approach of making small changes in the way you rest, eat and move can produce big results in the form of renewed energy, positive spirit and better health.”

–  John Thiel
Head of Wealth Management
Merrill Lynch