Did you know that our On Target Living name comes from our signature Food Target? After many years of personal training at the Michigan Athletic Club,  Chris Johnson, Founder & CEO of On Target Living realized that he had to make eating healthier simpler and easier for people. Rather than focusing on calories and quantity of foods he wanted people to realize the power of upgrading the quality of their foods and beverages. This led him to develop the Food Target in 1994. The Food Target is now something we bring to all of our events as a way to teach people how to eat in a way that’s healthy and sustainable. 

So here’s how the Food Target works. As you get closer to the center green circles–the healthier the foods and beverages will be. You will find these foods to be the most nutritious, least expensive, most affordable, and the most flavorful. As you focus on improving the quality of the foods we are eating, the less likely you are to overeat or have to worry about counting calories or anything for that matter. These foods will make you feel nourished, satisfied and are super delicious–which is why we call them superfoods!

Focus on the majority of your food choices coming from the center two green circles. Learn more about the Food Target here