Mindfully Delicious is a proven “recipe” for living your best life on purpose. 

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Chief Mindful Living officer

Kristen Brogan

Chief Mindful Living officer
Join Kristen Brogan, Registered Dietitian, Superfood Chef, Cookbook Author and Chief Mindful Living Officer at On Target Living as she blows your mind and taste buds in this one of a kind experience. This culinary event blends a mindful eating presentation with a dynamic cooking demonstration for the ultimate foodie experience. Kristen will share simple tips for cooking and how to blur the line between healthy and delicious. Most importantly, the audience will learn how to navigate this confusing food world with confidence to determine what’s truly healthy and what’s not. Kristen will focus on using seasonal, organic and the most natural foods to inspire you to experiment with new foods and flavors and cook more meals at home. Her message is centered on eating healthy without making sacrifices. Kristen believes that you can have your cake and eat it too and nothing should be off limits when you make it homemade. Give your audience the special gift of connection through shared meals and conversation. Food really is your most powerful investment. Participants will leave knowing how to live a Mindfully Delicious lifestyle that brings them health, wealth and true happiness.

What's Included

  • 30 Minute Mindful Eating Presentation
  • 30 Minute Cooking Demonstration Featuring Two Recipes from Kristen's Cookbook
  • Mindful Eating Guide
  • Delicious Samples
  • Superfood Tasting
  • Target To Table Book Signing
  • Optional Q&A Session
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How This Works

• Secure Kristen’s Speaker Availability

• Find Venue to Host Event (Country Club, Community/Conference Center, Hotel, etc)

• Kristen to Work Directly Your Team & Venue To Plan The Event Menu & Timeline

• Send Out Attention Grabbing Invitation to Create Excitement & Increase Engagement

• Menu Items to be Featured from Kristen’s Target To Table Cookbook

• Venue to Prepare Audience Samples (Includes Demo Recipes + 3 Course Plated Dinner)

Sample Invitation

(To send to event attendees to create engagement)

Mindfully Delicious Event

Are you ready for an experience that will blow your mind and taste buds? Join our special guest speaker, Kristen Brogan, Registered Dietitian, Superfood Chef, Author of Target To Table, and The Chief Mindful Living Officer at On Target Living as she shares the secret for living a life of health, wealth, and happiness. In this dynamic presentation and cooking demonstration she’ll show you simple tips for making your dishes healthier and more flavorful while teaching you how to eat more mindfully to live your best life. Participants will leave knowing how to use food as their competitive advantage and most powerful investment. Mindful eating guide and delicious samples included.

“Invest in as much of yourself as you can, you are your own biggest asset by far.

-Warren Buffet
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