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It can be tough to come up with interesting client event ideas that are both easy to run and are appealing to your clients and prospects.

At On Target Living, we believe that combining personal health with financial health is the #1 way to blow your clients mind, show them you care, and have prospective clients saying, “sign me up!”

Over the past 14 years, and presenting at over 1,000 client events, our team at On Target Living has built a program that helps you connect with your #1 asset, your client, in a way that no other event can do.

Let us, your client event experts, take it from here and help you make your next event the BEST one yet. We’ll make this entire experience simple and fun while connecting the dots between health and wealth. As Warren Buffet would say, “the best investment you can make is in yourself.” Together, let’s create a life-changing event that educates, entertains, and captivates your audience for years to come.

With thousands of client events under our belts, let us customize an experience for you.

Presentation Topics

The Power of Feeling Your BEST
This high energy, humorous, and interactive style presentation will engage and motivate your audience and leave them wanting to know more about what does "Feeling your BEST", feel like? A poor food environment, coupled with the demanding pace of modern-day life, continues to a downward spiral of health. The Power of Feeling Your Best offers focused strategies to achieve positive results. Exercise, healthier eating habits, and a good night's rest all contribute to higher performance. This presentation offers practical tools that will guide you to take immediate action.
Stress & Immunity
When everything around us is out of control, what can you control? There is obvious fear and uncertainty in these times, and this creates stress. We will always have setbacks, road bumps, corrections and periods where things around us are out of control. The truth is we have a lot of control over our stress level and how strong our immune system is and the crazy thing is they are both related. Create more stress for yourself, you will have a weaker immune system. This presentation is for YOU, it’s for you to take control of what you can control to handle the chaos around us!
The Power of Food
Today more than ever before we have become fascinated with the subject of nutrition. Keto, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting, Apple Cider Vinegar, Probiotics, Turmeric, Supplements, GMO’s, Organic, Calories—the list is long and continues to grow! This engaging, fun, and educational presentation will teach you how to navigate the confusing world of nutrition and develop an eating plan that you enjoy and makes you feel and be your best!
Burnout, low engagement, and overwhelming stress are jeopardizing organizations' ability to scale and win. CAPACITY shows you how to build and protect your most valuable asset - YOUR PEOPLE. Think about the organizational impact if your workforce were given fresh capacity to perform, lead, and grow. Learn what top performers need to produce their very best work; Discover the biggest factor influencing your FOCUS + ENERGY + DRIVE; Adopt a strategy of expanding human capacity to exceed your high-performing goals.
Decoding Your Health
• Problems sleeping?
• Acid Reflux?
• Type-2 diabetes?
• High Blood Pressure?
• Chronic pain?
• Low testosterone?
• Thyroid issues?
• Weight gain?
• Stress?
• Overmedicated?
Your doctor ordered a blood test, do you understand the numbers? If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, now is time to understand what makes the human body healthy. Your body is always talking to you, are you listening?
Eating for Better Mental Health
How would you rate your mental health? How would you rate your nutritional habits? In this fun and educational presentation, you will learn the fundamental steps it takes to improve thoughts | mood| focus, as it relates to what you “do” or “do not” put in your body!
Mindfully Delicious
Diets are so unsexy. Plant based foods may be in fact be the new processed food. Fasting all day is nuts. Nightshade vegetables will not kill us. Ancient grains are not causing our obesity epidemic. Fruit is not the same thing as cane sugar. Dead foods (powders, pills, packages) weaken our immune system. If you can’t read it, you shouldn’t eat it. This presentation will help you make eating simple and fun again while teaching you how to live healthy without making sacrifices.
Hungry for Happiness
Today more than 450 million people struggle with mental health issues placing mental health disorders as the leading cause of illness and disability. This presentation will help you use food to combat mental health issues by addressing the power of the gut-brain connection. From mental health to physical health, this session covers everything you need to build your whole self from the inside out, top to bottom.
Finding your Flow
In today’s business climate, demands are increasing, human capacity is shrinking, and stress is at an all-time high. We are running out of space at work and in our lives. It is time to intentionally reprogram our human capacity to do more, give more, and use our advanced resources to thrive instead of fizzle. In this presentation we will teach you how to combine mindfulness, food, and movement to live your best life and flow into a state of peak performance.



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