Chris Johnson

International speaker and world expert in unlocking human potential.

International speaker and world expert in unlocking human potential.

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Chris Johnson is a CEO, International Keynote Speaker, Author, and Thought Leader

Power of Feeling Your Best— REST | EAT | MOVE

Smash limiting beliefs and supercharge your life with a dynamic 60-minute experience. Leverage the three critical On Target Living Principles to start building a performance lifestyle. Chris Johnson’s high energy, humorous, and interactive style will engage and motivate your audience and leave them wanting to know more about what does “Feeling your BEST”, feel like?

Capacity—Taking Care of Your Greatest Asset

As the world speeds-up faster and faster, organizations and their people try to keep up. This pressure to do more with less has reached epidemic levels of concern and organizations are panicking on how to recruit, retain, and attract the best talent for the future.

Decoding Your Health

Problems sleeping? Acid Reflux? Type-2 diabetes? High Blood Pressure? Chronic pain? Low testosterone? Thyroid issues? Weight gain? Stress? Overmedicated? Your doctor ordered a blood test, do you understand the numbers? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, now is the time to understand what makes the human body healthy.


“The feedback from our team was incredible. They were so thankful for the real, actionable advice provided by Chris and Matt during the series and the recognition from our leadership team that to be your best, you must also feel your best.”
"If the goal of your organization is to improve the health and performance of your greatest asset – your People – I can assure you that Chris Johnson and the On-Target Living team will provide invaluable learnings and assistance."
"Thanks Chris for your friendship and advice. Your guidance has been life changing for my family and me. May God Bless you always."
"Chris is humble, real, energizing, entertaining, funny, and is extremely motivating. Chris has a genuine ability to connect with his audience—so much so that we have re-booked him for our conferences in Fairbanks and Anchorage, Alaska for 2020!"
"I whole-heartedly would like to thank him for: sharing his story, allowing me to learn from him, and for introducing concepts that have changed my life... There are few people that have made a major impact on my life, Chris Johnson is one of them. "
We are ready to play offense and will be more aware of our health, balance and focus to drive momentum! Thank you for helping us to 'reset for 2021'!

Your Guide To A Life Of Balance, Energy, And Vitality

Make your company—its employees and its culture—healthier inside and out Energy and wellness are of ever increasing importance. With an increase productivity and job satisfaction that come from a healthier life, now is the time to get healthy.

Create Laser Focus, Boundless Energy, and an Unstoppable Drive In Any Organization

Capacity is a proven system for bringing the best out of your team and yourself. Matt and Chris Johnson set the mark on how to succeed in the future with their energizing message, humorous stories, and their generational differences.

REST | EAT | MOVE Podcast

Your guide to experiencing the Power of Feeling Your Best.

Your health is your #1 asset. Are you investing in this every day? In this podcast we will guide you along your journey to create a balanced healthy lifestyle allowing you to do and give more in your life and career. As the leading authority on small steps to healthy living, On Target Living has created a lifestyle that not only helps you have better health, but allows you to perform at your best. You will never think about your health & performance the same way again.

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