“I felt horrible the first few days (coffee withdrawal) but now I feel awesome! I am sleeping better than I ever have and my energy is through the roof!  Love trying new foods and am obsessed with quinoa. Didn’t even know how to say it before this. This has been a great kick-off to a new and healthy year ahead.

-Jill Jones

“I couldn’t believe how simple this challenge was to follow and how powerful these rest, eat, move practices were on my overall health and performance. I didn’t quite understand cell health and the idea of getting healthy from the inside out, but as soon as I started to change my unhealthy habits and replace them with healthy new habits, the weight just started to melt away. I don’t feel like I am restricting anything and in fact, I feel like I am able to have so much more.”

-Ann Wilson


“This challenge made me think about food and eating in a whole new way. I no longer eat healthy because I should or I have to, I eat healthy foods because I love the way it makes me feel and I WANT TO!”

-James Campbell