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Most Health Coaches Struggle to Build a Successful Business Because…

  • They lack the confidence to raise their prices
  • They burn out working too many hours
  • They are going at it alone
  • They struggle to stand out in a sea of many health & wellness options
  • They don’t have a methodology or process to address the entire mind and body of their clients
  • They don’t have a long term plan to grow and scale their business

When you become an OTL Certified Coach, you’ll be able to confidently deliver results for clients and build a successful health coaching business.

How to become an otl certified coach

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As an OTL Certified Coach, You'll get...

  • An exclusive license to use the On Target Living  framework with your clients (Food Target)
  • Training to become one of the best health coaches in the world
  • Enrolled in our 90-day onboarding program where you’ll learn from the entire OTL team
  • Access to exclusive OTL content to help your clients needs
  • Access to a community of other health & wellness professionals
  • Affilate discount and commission opportunities to diversify your revenue streams
  • Promoted picture/service on the OTL Website

the OTL Certified Coach Program will take you to that next level.

Become One of the World’s Greatest Health Coaches

Whether you want to become a personal trainer or scale your existing health business, the OTL Certified Coach Program will take you to that next level.

On Target Living is one of the leading authorities in the
space of health & wellness. Founded and created by bestselling author Chris Johnson, On Target Living has helped hundreds of thousands of people from around the world REST | EAT | MOVE. And the results are incredible, from sleeping better to losing weight.

Every day, hundreds of people discover the power of feeling your best through the OTL seminars, books, and podcast. After reading the books, or sitting through the seminars they want to work with a trusted coach who can guide them on how they can REST | EAT | MOVE.

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