68. LIVIN the DREAM with Kristen Brogan

67. Expanding Human Capacity To Do More With Less
August 28, 2020
69. Q&A with Chris Johnson
September 25, 2020

Kristen Brogan, Chief Mindful Living Officer at On Target Living was recently interviewed on the Matt Scolleti LIVIN the DREAM podcast to discuss simple strategies for living healthy without making sacrifices. Here the two discuss how to step into your true power and live your best life—amongst these uncertain times. Matt Scoletti is a certified health coach, 2-time world record holder, American Ninja Warrior, ultra-marathoner, and motivational speaker. You will see that his enthusiasm for life is contagious, which is why we wanted to share this dynamic episode with you. You can learn more about Matt Scoletti at www.mattscoletti.com

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