53. Life Long Movement Continued

52. Mindfully Delicious Eating
February 28, 2020
54. Immunity & Stress
March 23, 2020

In this second interview with Walt Reynolds, Chris discusses basic movement fundamentals for peak performance. You’ll learn what initial assessments Walt uses to measure people’s overall fitness and how one can train to be more flexible and strong. 

OTL Walt has worked with many athletes at the high school, collegiate, Olympic and professional level during 28 years as a trainer and coach. He was a scholar-athlete high jumper at the University of Oregon and is a two-time USA Track & Field national high jump champion at the Masters level (over-40). Walt received his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science/Biomechanics from the University of Oregon in 1986 and lives with his wife, Sharon, and twin sons, Samuel & Quinton in Haslett, Michigan. You can learn more about Walt here.

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