46. Whole Wellness

45. FAQs with Chris Johnson
November 29, 2019
47. The Power of Mindfulness
December 26, 2019

At On Target Living, we focus on helping people discover the power of feeling their best and believe it goes beyond just resting, eating and moving and the physical body. It’s about building our whole self through a balance of wellness practices whether that be physical wellness, mental wellness, emotional wellness, financial wellness, relational wellness, or even social wellness.

Whole wellness is not only the state of being in good health but it’s also about the journey of how you get there. Today, Kristen and special guests, Krystal Bresnahan and Nicole Belica discuss how you can tap into different areas of wellness to build your whole self and step into your true power.

Connect with Krystal Bresnahan at https://www.linkedin.com/in/krystalbresnahan/

Connect with Nicole Belica at http://www.nicolebelica.com/ or @nicolebelica on Instagram

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