What Is The On Target Living Challenge?

The OTL Challenge is s 21 day program designed to help you build a healthy lifestyle that is simple and sustainable enough to create long-term behavior change.  Over these 21 days, our team at On Target Living will teach you the secrets to living your best self through our dynamic REST EAT MOVE practices. Most importantly, we will teach you how to get results that last.

Whether you want to lose weight, get off your medications, have better energy, boost your metabolism, improve digestion, or strengthen your immune system, our 21 Day Challenge is proven to change your life—if and only if you follow it.  

Have you tried countless diets, food trend, went gluten-free, taken supplements, and nothing seems to work. Are you feeling hopeless when it comes to finding a program that’s right for you?

Good news! This program is not a diet or a short-term fix—it’s a lifestyle that is 100% effective for building a healthy foundation for the body. The coolest part about this challenge, is that you don’t have to give anything up! It’s all about making everything better by incorporating simple upgrades one small step at a time.

In this challenge, our lifestyle experts will cover everything from superfoods needed for optimal health and performance—to the best remedies for reducing stress. They will also show you how to make healthy meals that actually taste good. Did you know that flavor comes from nutrients? Therefore, the healthier the ingredients, the more flavorful your dishes will be.  

What Makes This Different Than Other Programs?

We incorporate all the essential pieces that make up a healthy and successful lifestyle hence the REST EAT MOVE focus. Unlike other popular programs, we don’t make you give up anything because no one wants to live a life of restriction. Instead of telling you all the things you can’t eat—we will emphasize all the things you can eat! Not only do we provide you with insightful information, but we also work to change your behavior during the process to create long-term success. Oh, and our program is FREE!

Nothing should be off limits. Whatever lifestyle behavior you choose, it must be sustainable. At On Target Living we teach a lifestyle that is sustainable and gives you results. Plus, our proven methods will never go out of style no matter what diet or trend becomes popular. Most importantly, it’s a lifestyle that you can trust.  

OTL Challenge

3 Simple Challenge Rules

1. Add a REST Break Each Day

Yes, stress is everywhere and comes in all shapes and sizes. However, stress is not the problem. We need a little stress, also called “Eustress” to stimulate arousal, perform at a high level, and propel us forward. But, too much stress breaks us down and leads to illness and burn-out. These REST breaks will help you recover from stress and make you unstoppable in your work and life.


2. EAT In the Center Two Green Circles of the Target

This challenge focuses on eating high quality foods (superfoods) for 21 days straight. These superfoods are designed to help you achieve your goals and see maximum results. As you incorporate more superfoods and healthier upgrades, the less likely you are to overeat or have to count calories. Quality over quantity baby! If buying packaged foods, look for real ingredients that you can pronounce and avoid items that end with “ose.” Less is always best. Example: Peanut butter should only contain one ingredient: peanuts! Here's a detailed list of all the foods you CAN eat! 

3. MOVE Daily

Movement is like compound interest. A little bit each day is all you need. Start to change your mindset around exercise. Most people think of exercise as a chore or work. We have renamed the word exercise to daily movement. Think about daily movement as something you do to feel good, versus something you have to do to lose weight. Your goal is to add 5-10 minutes of movement to your life each day. Find things that you enjoy and can stick with. Need some ideas? Here are three 5-10 minute ways to move each day. Simply, choose from Dynamic Warm-up, Foundation Exercises, Sun Salutations A & B or a combination of each. 

Sign Up Here

Sign up by clicking here. Once you sign up, we will send you everything you need to be successful on this challenge and literally hit the ground running.

Throughout the challenge we will provide you with structured motivation, resources and weekly emails to keep you "on target!"  You can expect an email from us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

We encourage you to surround yourself with people who will support you or will share in your journey to better health.

Optional Challenge Resources

Use our best resources for more guidance. This includes our REST EAT MOVE manual, On Target Living our newest book titled, CAPACITY, and our Target To Table cookbook full of over 100 healthy and delicious recipes showing you how to bring the center target superfoods to your table.