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Demands are increasing, human capacity is shrinking!

Training & Development Not Keeping Up

Organizations spent $70.6 Billion on T&D in 2016, but only 8% of initiatives were successful.

Too Much Stress

43% of people consider work the #1 source of stress in their life.

Engagement is a growth killer

67% of the workplace is disengaged

Unsustainable Healthcare Costs

Healthcare costs are close to 20% of the USA GDP, 80% of this cost is coming from organizations.

How OTL transforms your organization

What would happen if everybody in your organization had more room in their container? How would this impact your organization? Imagine if your people were less stressed, able to focus, more engaged, happier, and healthier? Would this lead to greater teamwork, groundbreaking innovation, expanded creativity, sales growth, and getting more done with less?  On Target Living helps organizations succeed by expanding human Capacity.

We are running out of space at work and in our lives and it is time to reprogram our human capacity.  We know you are looking for more productivity and better performance from your people. On Target Living will change the way you think about productivity and performance and how to achieve both.

Unlock the untapped Capacity inside your organization…

“Over the past 8 years, On Target Living has helped us greatly improve our engagement scores, lower turnover, increase profit and build a culture that delivers results.”

John Carter | President of Nationwide Retirement Plans



Create engagement in your people like you’ve never experienced



Information is great, but education is needed to create transformation



Your people will have a specific process to expand their capacity.


Be Part of the Community:

We are excited to announce a new email series called CAPACITY. This is a community designed to help organizations and teams expand their human CAPACITY.